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Owned by John Hollister and Bob Applegate

I have a purchase in the works that will change the direction of what I had planned for this site. Those looking for the links to Facebook that I was collecting, there is a link at the bottom to take you  to what I have collected so far. And as my mood permits that insanity of collecting more I will do so. If you have a nice collection of sites or links to facebook please email me off facebook and I will add them as certainly give reference to you on my site. 

My name is Thomas Muniak Sr. I'm a long term herper, on and off for over 45 years from the Cleveland Ohio area.
This site is mine, and new ideas are being tossed around about what to do with it.

And it starts. My good friend Bob Applegate had me put up he was going out of business on his website last year. 
A friend of his basically is taking over all of his stock, EXCEPT his Applegate specials hypo Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes. A line he created.
I was lucky enough to buy ALL of Bobs Hypo Applegate Special Breeders. 
I hope I have be able to post many baby hypos and hets next summer.

I'm hoping within 2 years to be selling a few of my own products, that I feel are so grossly over priced.
Also a few old time tricks that seem to be hard to find with so much on the web. Old time
herper have always did things on their own. As there were no real reptile supplies in our younger days. 
And many of the ideas are a faction the cost and very easy to do. 

That seems to be the direction of this domain soon.

My personal web site is
 No hidden crap like cookies and info harvesting, I hate that stuff. 
Just some rather outdated stuff about me and my family. Someday soon I hope to update that too. 

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Feeder nutritional info a work in progress. If you have good info please email me.